About us

Expert with Points was launched in October 2017 for the sole purpose of providing a single point of reference for UK loyalty schemes - whether it is Airmiles, Hotels, Airports or Supermarket points, we provide a detailed breakdown of each scheme, so that you can maximise your points earning potential and achieve the very best value for your redemptions.

Our aim is simple: to help you maximise your travel, whilst minimising your costs - we want you to get the very best value for your reward points.

What makes us different from other sites? You will never find any sponsored content or paid trips, companies cannot pay to have content here. All articles and guides are written from a "what provides the best value?" stance. Any top deals, tips or suggestions on the main site are purely down to journalistic research. Only once an article is written will we find relevant "affiliate links".

These look and work the same way as an ordinary link, but if someone clicks through, the link is tracked and may generate a payment to the site. Please note that we will only use affiliate links that proved an identical (or better) deal than going direct.

Unlike a lot of other sites using affiliate links, articles featuring these links will display a full explanation at the bottom of the page.

Regulatory Information

By discussing credit cards on this site, we are in effect, acting as a credit broker. Canis Media Ltd, trading as Expert with Points, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA FRN 792662) to act as a credit broker.

This is a journalistic website, as such, we merely describe different travel related credit card options available to you; it is your responsibility to determine whether these products are suitable for your financial circumstances. Nothing on Expert with Points should be seen as constituting financial advice. Recommendations given, for any financial products, are based on the benefits and perks they offer. They do not consider interest rates, service levels or the impact they may have on your credit file.

If you have any questions relating to anything on Expert with Points, feel free to contact us by email: here