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Brexit: Pets

Brexit: Pets

When the UK leaves the EU, currently scheduled for 29 March, a number of things which we have become used to could well end.

Today, we look at pets and how their travel plans to EU countries could be affected. A no-deal Brexit would have implications for your travel. The UK currently is part of the European Union pet passport scheme. When the UK leaves the EU on 29 March, this participation will end. Owners of dogs and cats (and ferrets) will need to provide evidence their animals are healthy, with documents required to support this upon arrival in the EU.

You should contact your vet at least 4-months prior to travelling to any EU country.

Effective vaccination against rabies will also be needed. A rabies antibody titration test (to see that the animal has produced a sufficient level of antibodies to be immune) will be required at least 30-days after the vaccination.

A successful blood test is only needed for first time travel to an EU country. However, you must keep your pets vaccinations up-to-date with boosters before they expire.

Pets will need to travel with an animal health certificate issued by an officially registered vet. This can only be issued up to 10-days before entry into an EU member state.

When you arrive in the EU, pet owners will be required to enter through a designated Traveller’s Point of Entry (TPE), where proof of microchip, rabies vaccination and the blood test result will be needed, alongside the pet’s health certificate.

To return to the UK, your pet will need one of the following documents;

  • An existing EU pet passport.
  • The EU health certificate issued in the UK.
  • A UK pet health certificate (issued outside the UK for travel into the UK only).

For further guidance on pet travel to Europe after Brexit, please refer to the website, here.


Thomas Goddard

Thomas Goddard

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