Curve Card App Review

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Curve Card App Review - Expert with Points
Introducing Curve

One card for all your cards – Expert with Points has long advocated (see: here, here, and here) the benefits of the Curve card. From the convenience of managing your money in app, with the ability to use all your cards through the one Curve Mastercard, through to the control it offers with instant notifications with every purchase, the Curve card is definitely worth considering (particularly if you’re not an American Express customer).

Here, we take a look at the Curve App by way of review.

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Curve Card App Review - Expert with Points
The App

On opening the Curve app, you are taken to the Wallet. Your wallet in the app consists of all of your linked credit and debit cards to the Curve app being displayed. At the top, you can swipe through the different cards. As you scroll through, simply tap on a card you wish to pay on, and your actual Curve Mastercard when used, will purchase on the selected card. The Curve logo handily displays on the currently selected card, to avoid any confusion. New cards can be added by tapping the card icon, top right of the screen and by tapping Add New Card, then following the instructions. This method is simple and smartphone users will be well accustomed to the methods of adding a card to the app, if they have used other pay apps such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Beneath where the cards are displayed, you will find a list of recent transactions to have been made on the currently selected card.

The bottom of the app has further icons visible, to take you through to different areas of the app.

Card – this displays your Curve Mastercard. The settings here allow you to show your PIN, lock the card (for example, if lost or misplaced), your Curve card spending limits (i.e. maximum single purchase amount and maximum ATM withdrawal amount), viewing any linked insurance details, and finally managing your choice of subscription (i.e. Curve Blue, Black or Metal – see more here).

Timeline – this tab shows you a clear and well-presented overview of your card transactions. Spending can easily be categorised depending on what it represents, and you can even select an entry and use the ‘Go Back in Time’ feature, to change the card the transaction was purchased on, within 14-days. Insights are available – whereby you can view your personal spending insights, with transactions categorised to enable a quick view of where you have spent your money in any given month.

Curve Card App Review - Expert with Points

The Curve app is very user-friendly and provides a good experience of managing your spending, providing all your spending is done through Curve. If this is the case, the app features really will prove beneficial and aide in your day-to-day spend tracking. The apps clean and simple design is a big plus point and it is likely improvements will continue to be made to it in the future.

Join Curve here for £5 free (if asked, enter code 2AQS9).

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