Ocado - Invite a Friend - Discount Voucher

To receive the £20 voucher, send your email address to me using our contact us page, located here.

Ocado - Invite a Friend - Expert with Points

Ocado, the online supermarket, offer an invite a friend feature, allowing you to gain a free £20 voucher discount code, on your first shop.

Ocado will send you a free £20 voucher to use on your first shop.

You will also receive from Ocado a free Smart Pass. A Smart Pass gives you free deliveries for one-year.

To receive the £20 voucher, simply send me your email address and I will enter this into the Ocado 'Invite a Friend' section, for the voucher to be emailed to you.

Send your email address via the contact me link, found here.

Ocado - Invite a Friend - Expert with Points

Expert with Points will gain a £20 credit also, gained for the referral. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me using the information below.

Thomas Goddard

Thomas Goddard

Thomas is Expert with Points' travel writer, covering a variety of travel locations with handy guides on the must-see places on any trip.

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