Get £50 when you join Bulb

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Get £50 when you join bulb here

Bulb are currently offering new customers £50 when they are referred (our link can be found here). What's more, Bulb will also pay any exit fees incurred when leaving your existing supplier.

Why Bulb?

Bulb are one of the larger green energy suppliers in the UK, as such they offer competitive rates and good customer service. They keep their rates low by offering one single variable tarriff for all customers. Whilst this does mean there is the possibility of their prices increasing in the future, the reality has seen their prices lowering. As it is a variable tarriff they do not charge exit fees so you can leave at any time.

Get £50 when you join bulb here

What if I have a smart meter?

If you currently have a smart meter that was installed before 2019, then you would need to begin submitting your meter readings once more. Bulb have said however, that they are going to try and intergrate older smart meters into their systems later this year.


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