How to Get a Free £10 Reward Promo from Curve Card

Receive £10 when using the referral code link, found here or use code EWP10.

Curve Card App Review - Expert with Points
The Curve Card

The Curve Card is no longer new, but it's ability to be a one-card solution for your wallet is still a great selling point. By allowing you to load all your credit cards and debit cards onto one card, you can have all options easily to hand. The ability to switch easily between the cards through the Curve app makes the process run smoothly and effectively.

Other benefits include 0% foreign transaction fees when you use any of your credit cards abroad through Curve. It is a great card option for the UK traveller.

If you sign-up to the Curve Card via a friend or referral, you will get a free £10 (along with the free card). For this reason alone, you may as well try it!

Curve Card App Review - Expert with Points
Register for Curve Card

First things first, you will need to register with Curve to start the process. Go here and enter the code EWP10 to get your free £10 when you sign-up. It's free to do.

Once you have signed up with Curve and downloaded the Curve Card App (available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store), you will need to load up a credit or debit card to get fully set up. Once this is done, you can use the Curve Card to spend on all of your cards, simply by using the app.

Using the Curve App

The app use is for switching between your different uploaded cards. For example, if you have uploaded your Halifax debit card onto the Curve app, you simply tap the image of it to select it. You would then be spending on this card. To get your free £10 referral payment, simply make a payment with the Curve card, like you would normally do. With the card selected, head out to make a purchase. Spend on one of your linked credit or debit cards via your Curve Card.

Curve Rewards

Once you have completed your first transaction with a linked credit or debit card, you can switch over to your rewards. To do this, swipe to the left on the card images on the Curve app. Select the Curve Rewards card image, by tapping it. The free £10 you receive will appear in here, and you can spend it by having the Curve Reward card selected. Even better, every time you yourself refer a friend or someone else to the Curve Card, you will receive £5 when they make their first purchase, like you have just done. Of course, they will also receive a free £5. Find your own Curve Referral code in the app, by clicking on your Profile, and viewing the promotion.

Curve Card App Review - Expert with Points

To know how much money you have in Curve Rewards, just move the decimal over twice. For example, a "1,000 point" balance means you have £10 to spend. You cannot spend over the amount shown here, so you are best to spend either that exact amount, or just under it. This balance can be increased by referring your own friends to the Curve Card. Once you have spent your rewards balance, remember to switch back to your normal payment card to continue any spending.

Referral Code for a Free £10

Receive £10 when using the referral code link, found here or use code EWP10.

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