The ins and outs of: Rewards Reward Scheme

Formerly Welcome Rewards, Rewards is the exciting rewards scheme for

The scheme is incredibly simple offering 1 night free for every 10 nights you book through (these do not have to be in a single trip).

The value of your reward nights is the average cost of the 10 nights you collect.

More information can be found here.

Earning rewards

You can collect nights when booking online and over the phone. For online bookings ensure you are signed into your account and choose hotels with the rewards logo. For telephone bookings you will need to mention the email address for your accounts so that the nights can be added upon completion of your stay.

Reward nights can be collected at 297,000 properties worldwide – just check for the rewards logo when booking.

Redeeming rewards

You can redeem your reward nights at any time – there are no blackout dates or restrictions.

What makes this scheme particularly interesting is the wide range of properties you can redeem at. From major hotel chains and beach resorts to boutiques, villas and apartments, there are over 213,000 properties to choose from.

As mentioned above the value of the rewards night is the average of the previous 10 nights you collect. You will only need to pay taxes and fees.

If you want to book accommodation exceeding the value of your rewards night, you simply pay the difference.

As long as you book and stay within 12 months of your last completed booking, your nights won’t expire.

Elite membership

There are currently three levels of membership: Rewards, Silver and Gold.

Silver is achieved by staying between 10 and 29 nights in a single year, with Gold being awarded for 30+ nights in a year.

A membership year runs for a year from the day you first created an account to each anniversary after that.

The benefits for each level include:

Benefits Rewards Silver Gold
Secret Prices
Collect 10 nights, get 1 reward night
Priority customer service
Hassle Free Travel Guarantee
Fast track offers2
Early access to deals
Price Guarantee Plus
Exclusive deals for Gold members
Other Benefits

Get special rates at selected hotels – these are known as “Secret Prices” and save members, on average 30%.

Can you use other hotel loyalty alongside?

Unfortunately not. Many of the hotel reward schemes require you to book directly with them in order to receive points, with most not allowing your normal elite benefits. You would also likely lose your hotel status if you were to shift all of your spending to


For most people, who inevitably end up splitting their hotel stays across various chains, it can be hard to earn status and build up suitable numbers of points to gain rewards. These people will find rewards of particular interest as all stays will count towards their reward nights removing “wasted stays”.

Other travellers, however, will find this scheme somewhat impractical. You would likely lose your current hotel status and associated benefits. Also should you have a company travel agent, it is unlikely that you would be allowed to book via Rewards


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