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Bruges Travel Guide - Belfry

Bruges, Belgium, has a host of cobbled streets to explore, with a matching selection of historical buildings to view. It is an ideal place to stop for a night-or-two, with plenty to keep you entertained.

Clearly a tourist destination, so beware of the busy aspect of the place, but take in the surroundings and if relaxation is your goal, Bruges is an ideal destination.

Getting Around

Once in the city of Bruges, your best bet is to walk, as everything you will want to see is in close proximity and you are far more likely to have a relaxing time without the reliance on any form of transportation.

As you will likely be spending a few days here, with the potential of moving onward to other destinations in Belgium, or surrounding countries, looking at car hire options may be beneficial - we cover this here.


Bruges City Card

As ever, a lookout for some combination-entry cards or passes is a good bet. With the Bruges City Card, you can gain entry, for free, to museums and other attractions. It's always worth taking a look at the list of things such a card covers, and weighing up whether you would like to do these things anyway, as it will likely save you some money, if so! The card can cover either a 48- or 72-hour period.

Canal Cruise

A trip on the canal is a memorable experience on any visit here, you will see many gardens, buildings and bridges, providing a good overview of just why this city is considered so beautiful.


Museums are a common sight in Bruges, with a number to hold your interest on a trip. There is the City Museum of Fine Arts, with works exhibited. Other museums, although small, do a good job in highlighting some of the history of the city.

Bruges Travel Guide - Markt
The Markt of Bruges

The central square of the city, the Markt has around it what you would expect, in the way of numerous restaurants and bars. Located in the heart of the city, you will find you pass through here as you visit the different highlights of Bruges.

Market Day

If your visit encompasses a Wednesday, be sure to visit the Grote Markt Square market - with plenty of food and drink stalls available for your perusal.

Belfort Belfry

This 12th-century belfry stands at 83-metres tall, and really is the landmark you will best-know of the city. Originally used as a lookout post, you can climb the 366-steps up the tower to gain some great views, allowing you to see all the city below you.

The Burg

The other main square in Bruges, which has to the side of it the Stadhuis - a beautiful gothic building built in 1376, where the city was governed from for over 600 years.


You cannot visit Bruges without sampling some of the many chocolates on offer at different locations throughout the city. Many shops, fairs, and a museum are able to be visited.

Where to Stay

When visiting Bruges, booking a short hotel stay can allow you to have a good base to go on and explore the area and its attractions. One option would be the Crowne Plaza*.

Alternatively, comparison websites such as*,*, and Agoda* will also show you the prices for the smaller, independent hotels.

Further Reading

The above article offers an overview of some of the highlights this area has to offer, however for a more complete guide we recommend the travel guide for Belgium & Luxembourg, from Lonely Planet, which covers Bruges.


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