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UK Staycation Guide

A multitude of reasons can lead to a decision to stay in your own country for a vacation. Inevitably, the cost can play a role, however, do not view a 'stay at home' holiday as anything less than for example going abroad. The UK has a whole host of historical cities, landmarks, and locations to satisfy any demand.

Clifton Suspension Bridge - Bristol, UK
What is a staycation?

A staycation refers to a holiday, which takes place within your home country, as opposed to a country abroad. It provides an opportunity to explore closer to home locations, which you may not have otherwise considered.

Benefits of a staycation

Travel is one - staying within your own country immediately cuts down on any need for long flights or travel times to an airport. This helps with starting your holiday sooner, and enabling you to perhaps take such a staycation at a time when you may not have otherwise been able to! A long weekend is a good example, take a couple of days out of work, combined with a weekend, and you can have a good amount of time away somewhere.

Other benefits include a lack of adapting to a new currency, or indeed changing money prior to travel, plus being familiar with everything from shops to road signs from the outset! Pretty much anything found in our Planning Your Trip guide is made easier by choosing a staycation!


Staycation ideas

Whilst we plan to cover in a greater depth some of the key parts of the UK, to consider for a short break, below are some quick ideas to get you started!

The Lake District

The Lake District is an outstanding area to visit, close enough to home but when there you will feel anywhere but. Explore some of the famous (but busy) lakes, or venture out to the lesser known lakes for a more relaxing experience! Read more in our Lake District Travel Guide.

The Peak District

Great for a hiking break, the Peak District offers distinctive surroundings and a wide-ranging exploration area. There is a lot of history in the towns dotted about across the region, so be sure to explore a little further if you take a trip here.


A large city in the north-west of England, Liverpool has a rich cultural history to explore, from maritime museums to great restaurants, to the music, which defined a generation.


Located on the River Avon, in the southwest of England, Bristol has a rich maritime history. Ensure you check out the Clifton Suspension Bridge, opened in 1864, which spans the Avon Gorge.


Host to many small, unique shops, this historic city offers a lot to do in a small area and is therefore ideal for a long weekend.


The very north of Wales, Anglesey is a great place to get away from the rest of the UK. Winding roads, remote cottages, and great coastal locations (you are rarely far from the coast when here) enable a fantastic break in a scenic location. Read more about Anglesey in our Anglesey travel guide.


Don't rule out the UK capital as a staycation break. It may be far away from quiet and scenic, but you will never run out of things to do here, check out our London City Guide to explore the highlights.


Booking your staycation

The best advice when booking a staycation is to consider the fact that you want a simple holiday, something which won't take a lot of effort to travel to, book, or involve yourself in. As a result, you can search for hotels or accommodation in your destination city or area relatively easily on sites such as;


  • Getting There

    Check out transport options, and whether driving is the best option, or taking public transport, such as the train may be more beneficial (particularly for a city break). Have a look at our useful tips article, on finding cheap train tickets, here.

    Railcards (depending on your eligibility) may also help bring the cost down on such a trip.



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