Travel Items to Consider

For the journey

Prior to departing on any travel adventure, it is worthwhile considering a number of items to make the journey more practical and comfortable. Below, we link through to some of the items that will help you on your way.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow - There is nothing worse than getting settled on the plane, only to try and get some sleep and find it impossible to get comfy. Whilst these travel pillows can never guarantee that comfort, they can at least provide some form of cushioning, to help maximise the chances of you getting some rest!

Sleep Mask - To enable an even greater chance of a successful sleep, try out a sleep mask. It will handily block any daytime light, hopefully helping you to sleep. It's also handy at night when fellow passengers may be reading with their overhead lights on.

Ear Plugs - Noise is inevitable when you are sharing such a small place with a host of other people. Like the pillow, ear plugs cannot guarantee you will not be disturbed by noise, but they can at least reduce some of the volume.

Overhead Noise Cancelling Headphones - If you are planning to be awake during the flight, but cannot get on with the provided headphones, try some better quality ones. These have the added feature of cancelling out surrounding noise, so definitely an added bonus!

Travel Blanket - Just useful as a cover when you are flying, keeping any chill off you, whilst adding to the overall comfort level.

When you arrive

Once you arrive at your destination, there are a number of home-from-home items you may wish to have ready to unpack.

UK to EU Travel Adapter - A must-have item, allowing you to make use of the power supply sockets in your hotel room, or place of stay. Take a number of them to ensure you won't be waiting around for something to finish charging, unable to use anything else with power requirements!

US Travel Adapter Extension Lead - Useful when travelling to the United States, as you can plug a number of items in at the same time.

Travel Wallet - Great to have as a specific travel wallet, either to replace what you would use at home, or as a secondary wallet when abroad. Keep any spending cards, credit cards, and cash in here for added security.

Kindle Paperwhite - This has, over recent years, infiltrated a lot of peoples lugage, and in some cases replaced the need to bring a number of books with you on a trip. This version is well-priced and gives you everything needed to replace the paperbacks.

Bluetooth Speaker - Just useful to have to break up the often rather uninteresting TV channels, when you are getting ready in the mornings, or having some down-time in the evenings.

Transporting your items

Getting all of your items to the destination in one piece is a vital part of your trip. The below should help you achieve this.

Hold Luggage Suitcase - Good quality hold luggage case is a necessity, to keep your items intact during their own trip of entering the plane and being handled.

Hand Luggage Suitcase - Ideal if you want to bring a few items onboard the plane, as hand luggage.

Packing Cubes - Travel Organiser - to keep your items organised, the packing cubes do a good job of taking the hassle out of, first, packing the case, and then unloading it at your destination.

TSA Luggage Locks - Border officials in the United States need access to your luggage, without your presence, which is a requirement. These locks are TSA approved, meaning they can open these with a key. Without such locks, they would have to open your case by force, to enable inspection.

Luggage Tags - Distinguising your case from that of other passengers is useful, especially when waiting for your case to appear, as well as providing information if it happens to get lost. Luggage tags do the job well, but you might consider putting a distinctive sticker on the case for added familiarity!


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