Heathrow Airport Parking

Heathrow Airport Parking Options

There are a number of car parking options at Heathrow Airport. Below we outline some of the options which are available. Some will suit your needs more than others, but all are worth consideration when preparing for your trip away.

Heathrow Airport Parking Options
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Long Stay Parking

Long stay parking at Heathrow Airport is a good option if you are spending a couple of days or more away. A shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes to each terminal, and it takes between five and 18 minutes to get across to your destination, depending on which terminal you are heading to. Book early (link here) for the better prices, as you will likely pay more if you decide to leave it.

Short Stay Parking

Short stay car parks are located next to each of the terminals at Heathrow Airport. These car parks work best for short trips away if you book in advance, online, or for meeting and/or dropping off passengers. As a result, they are incredibly convenient, however, do work out to be an expensive price to pay for this convenience. Book online (link here) to secure a space.

Meet & Greet Parking

With Meet & Greet Parking, you can drive your own car right to the airport and drop it off. This is a convenient method, allowing you to leave your car and proceed with your journey, while your car is parked for you. You drive to one of the short stay car parks and drop your vehicle off there. Book Meet & Greet Parking online (link here).

Heathrow Pod Parking Terminal 5

This method of parking is both convenient and easy to use. This car park is used by those flying from Terminal 5. Your best bet is to pre-book this form of parking on the official Heathrow Parking website (link here). When you arrive, simply drive into the car park and park in any available space.

You will find two stations in the car park – Station A and Station B. Head over to one of these and you will find access to an available Pod. Each Pod is driverless and, on the whole, automated. Select your destination (e.g. Terminal 5) from the touchscreen display, and enter the Pod to begin your journey.

Journey time is approximately four to six minutes, and there is no need to wait to give your keys to anyone, making this both a quick and convenient option.

Heathrow Rewards

Before you look at booking any parking at Heathrow Airport, it is worth looking at joining the Heathrow Rewards programme. This scheme allows you to collect points on Heathrow Parking, along with Heathrow Express, and shopping and dining. You can read more about Heathrow Rewards here.


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