Europe... with your dog!

Europe, with you dog!

Taking my dog around Europe was a great experience. Whilst initially somewhat daunting, taking your dog abroad need not be a worry. Read our tips below to ensure you and your canine companion have a fun and stress-free trip abroad!

The Plan

Book in advance to ensure no last-minute rushing. When you have determined where you will be travelling to with your dog, do some research on the rules for bringing a pet into the destination country. Do not assume that all countries are the same, each could be very different, so familiarise yourself prior to travel for minimal unwanted disruption.

The best method of transport for travelling with your dog is the Channel Tunnel, you remain in the car with your dog for the duration of the crossing. If you choose to travel by ferry, some ferries have a special dog section on-deck, others require you to leave your furry friend in the car for the entirety of the journey.


To help identify your dog, a microchip must be located on them. The unique identification number will be recorded on the pet passport.


The AA

Ensure any and all vaccinations are up-to-date and valid throughout your duration of travel. Vaccines must be given well in advance of the trip, so ensure you have consulted your vet at all points leading up to a trip.

The Pet Passport

Again, the vet will provide this vital document. Keep it with your own passport to make sure it is not forgotten, your dog won't be allowed in without it!

The Ride

So this may seem obvious now, but when you are actually in transit, do make sure you are regularly letting your dog out of the car so that they can do their business, stretch their legs, and generally have a bit of fresh air!

Europe, with your dog!

As you venture across the continent, you may find the temperature creeping up. If so, beware, as your canine friend will be feeling the heat too. Ensure there is always a constant supply of fresh, cold water available, keep them outside of the direct sunlight, especially in the middle of the day, and do not exercise them during this time. Create a shaded area where your dog can rest, and they should be happy. Just make sure you keep an eye on them at all times.

The Favourite Food

If your dog likes routine and has a specific food, make sure you stock up enough of it to last for the duration of your trip. You never know what kind of dog food is available in different countries, and the last thing you want is to end up somewhere with either an unappetising selection or a lack of pet supply stores!


Holiday Inn
The Return Leg

When heading home, you must visit a local vet, one-to-five days prior to getting back to the UK. This will be recorded in your pet passport.

Further Information

More information on pet passports, can be viewed on the government website here.

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Thomas Goddard

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